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A bulletin is a daily report containing a summary of the latest industry and market developments that targets specific interests of your startup. You can think of it as a specialized newspaper just made for you, by a team of highly-motivated analysts that never sleep or complain.

The Oumy platform automatically discovers and ranks sources such as companies and news sites, analyzes them via our proprietary Natural Language Inferencing (NLI) algorithms, and summarizes what is important to you. Our algorithms work with high level descriptions of your interests, and are specialized to work in complex domains such as hi-tech.

Oumy combines source discovery, domain learning, interest matching, searching, summarization, news reading and knowledge sharing in one single application. Our application is designed for discovering and acquiring large amounts of knowledge quickly.

We are confident that we can save your team hundreds of hours of research and reading every month, and allow you to stay up-to-date without staying up late.

Case Study: Community Building

Organization Type Early stage startup
Industry Web3, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
"How to create more engagement in a DAO"
"How to build a new community around a DAO"
"What are good onboarding processes for a DAO"
"How to find people to join your DAO"
Bulletin Example (Extract)
Community Building
Community building for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Marketing was Key to Moonbirds Becoming a Super Successful NFT | HackerNoonNew
Creating a private club turned out to be a smart move for several reasons. For one, they experienced a successful drop. They also gathered a bunch of people that had blue chips and were ready to make a blue chip out of other projects. And finally, they were able to put together a very strong community for their future projects. 25.2 pts
hackernoon.com, 1d ago
Incessantly Requested Questions on Web3
The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Group, is likely one of the outstanding highlights in discussions on web3. DAOs mainly seek advice from communities developed with shared goals revolving round using web3 applied sciences. The respective communities take management of the DAOs and use completely different governance fashions for his or her operations. The significance of DAOs in web3 is likely one of the widespread highlights in web3 FAQs, which explains the attainable design for the way forward for web3. Among the notable examples of DAOs embrace DeFi DAOs, grant DAOs, charitable DAOs, service DAOs, and lots of others. 24.9 pts
CryptoKaris, 2d ago