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How do you get started with Oumy?

Typically an organization has one or more customized research bulletins, that are tailored specifically to their interests. You may think of a bulletin as a specialized newspaper that is updated daily.

Since everyone company's mission is different, the bulletin contents vary, and require to be set up correctly.

Given your corporate mission statement, and a list of a few web sites that are of interest, we can get you started with your first bulletin quickly.

From there you can grow into more extensive tracking of your industry, including tracking "interesting" events related to your clients, partners, competitors, tradeshow and webinars, investments and more. Our bulletins are fully programmable to your business needs, and can be adjusted to specific needs in marketing, sales, research, etc.

What industries do you focus on?

We maintain knowledgebases in specialized domains such as hi-tech, web3 and crypto, general science, autonomous vehicles, drones, navigation, semiconductors, supply chain, automotive, etc. We add new knowledgebases depending on client-requirements, including creating dedicated knowledgebases.

How much does a bulletin cost?

Each bulletin incurs a monthly subscription fee. Please contact us to start the conversation.

Can I try it before getting started?

Yes, we do have free bulletins on general topics, that will give you idea what our platform can do. Please contact us for details.